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Hello and welcome to my page!


This space is my personal space; it is for you to get to know me.


A little bit about myself then: My name is Ian Vargas, born and raised in Mexico City. I love to eat and cook, particularly Mexican and Thai cuisine. I'm an avid football fan, squeezing in a game whenever I'm not taking photos, and I can't get enough of indie music and ghost movies. I can't watch them alone though! I have lived in many countries including the USA, Sweden and Germany - I was (and perhaps still am) a hyperactive person who couldn't stay in one place for long.

I have always been looking for adventure and new experiences. For that reason, I can honestly say that my ADHD has been a great blessing - it has always given me strength and energy to explore and venture out into the world.


Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in photography. But because I could never stay in one place, I never had the time and opportunity to take my photography to the next level. Even my BSc (in Criminal Forensic Psychology) doesn't reflect my passion for photography.


Coming out of college, I urgently needed a job. I was hired by one of the best (if not THE best) airlines in the world. I only thought I would be there for a few months, until I could find a position related to my degree. However, it was working for that airline where I found I could enjoy the luxury of exploring my passion for photography. Once I realised that, I never looked for a job as a psychologist again.


And so, I spent several years travelling and taking photos of all the places I always dreamed of. I only needed to imagine where I wanted to see next, and I made sure that that's where I went. Eventually, as things do, my time with the airline came to an end and that is when I decided to follow my passion for photography full time.


Due to my love for the eclectic, I find myself photographing all kinds of events, big and small. This type of photography could not be better for me as it allows me to apply my energy, passion and skills to whatever comes my way. I apply a wealth of experience, built over years of practice, and use it to translate the best possible moments into photographs that can be treasured forever.


And what happens at the end of the event? Well, I leave completely satisfied and thankful for the opportunity. When the time comes to edit the photos, I relive the moments and deliver these to my clients in all of their glorious detail. I truly believe that each client is special and brings different, unique and inspiring experiences and visions to each and every shoot. I can truly say that I look forward to meeting each and every one. On that note, I hope you find my website interesting and if you have any questions or concerns please contact me!


See you at your next event!